Lumpology Space Time Project:

By: Cohen ter Heide

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Earth's Moon (Cohen ter Heide 2018)


“Space, the final frontier.” -Captain Kirk


I think it’s somewhat under appreciated just how much space affects our daily life;

From GPS, live weather maps, satellite tv, satellite phones;

To all the advances in tech that has appeared because of space including:

Solar Panels,

Nuclear Power,

Radiation Protection,

Thermal Blankets,

Long Distance Communication,

Artificial Limbs,

Aircraft anti-icing systems,

Chemical detection,

Landmine removal,

Cordless vacuums,

Freeze drying,

Water purification,

Advanced glass/mirror optics,

and the list goes on!

However, all advances must come from somewhere and in this list you can see some of the major milestones that allowed for all of the amazing technology that supports our everyday life.

The following list is of space milestones and events that I do believe were the largest and most influential in the history of our exploration of the cosmos.

As the universe moves on and humankind advances so will this list.

First telescopic observation of the night sky (1610)

First clear telescopic photograph of another world (1840)

First proper observation of other galaxies (1845)

First proposal of using rockets for space flight (1861)

First observation of an exoplanet (1917)

Goddard launches the first liquid fueled rocket (1926)

First rocket to cross the Karman line (1944)

First image from space (1946)

First animal in space (1947)

First dog in space (1951)

First intercontinental ballistic missile (1957)

First satellite (1957)

First animal in orbit (1957)

Van Allen belts confirmed (1958)

First detection of the solar wind (1959)

First impact into another world (1959)

First photo of another world from space (1959)

First probe launched to Mars (1960)

First human in space (1961)

First human to land while still in space craft (1961)

First planetary flyby (1961)

First manned spaceflight lasting over 24 hours (1961)

First Mars flyby (1962)

First successful planetary flyby (1962)

First woman in space (1963)

First reusable launch vehicle (1963)

First EVA (Extra Vehicular Activity) (1964)

First closeup photograph of another planet (1965)

First satellite in orbit around the Moon (1966)

First soft landing on another world (1966)

First crewed spacecraft to orbit the Moon (1968)

First human on the Moon (1969)

First lunar rover (1970)

First soft landing on another planet (1970)

First space station (1971)

First to orbit another planet (1971)

First solar escape trajectory (1972)

First photo from the surface of another planet (1975)

First soil sample of the surface of Mars (1976)

First Saturn flyby (1979)

First reusable manned orbital spacecraft (1981)

First mixed gender crew aboard space station (1982)

First untethered space walk (1984)

First woman spacewalk (1984)

First Uranus flyby (1986)

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster (1986)

Mir space station (1986)

First known detection of an exoplanet (1988)

First photo of the entire solar system (1990)

First confirmed observation of an exoplanet (1992)

First orbit of Jupiter (1995)

First Mars rover (1997)

First ISS module launched (1998)

First landing on an asteroid (2001)

First orbit around Saturn (2004)

Kepler mission launched (2009)

First probe to exit the solar system (2012)

First flyby of Pluto (2015)

First food grown in space and eaten (2015)

First rover on an asteroid (2018)

First image of the event horizon of a black hole (2019)